Go GREEN with GREEN Greeting Card iPhone Apps - Flushing

Go GREEN with GREEN Greeting Card iPhone Apps — Flushing

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In a bid to bring SMILE on every face in a GREEN WAY, I have created more than 20 "Photo Greeting Card iPhone Apps" for the memorable holiday season. The prime objective is of course to save the planet that we so dearly love. Reduction in Paper Greeting Cards is one area where everyone of us can chip in. There is a strong reason to opt for GREEN CARDS especially when you've stupendously sound features to avail and leverage.

1. Looking for VOLUNTEERS to use these apps (4 apps are FREE) and give their feedback.
2. Seeking Volunteers who can post the message to college facebook page or can help with getting GREEN article on college new paper.
I am sure TOGETHER we can make a difference for FUTURE generation. Let's bring GREEN smile on MILLIONS of faces this Holiday Season.

You can find all the apps at http://MobileChamps.com or just search for "Mobile Champs" in App Store from your iTunes or your iPhone / iPod Touch.
Some of the most famous apps are:

• Happiness Booster Cards
• New Year Resolution
• eGreeting Cards
• Sympathy Cards

Your valuable suggestions are more than welcome. Also let your friends know about these wonderful GREEN Greeting Card Apps.

Please feel free to try out this incredibly innovative concept. Out of these apps - four iPhone / iPod Touch apps are totally FREE: You'll definitely fall in to love with and marvel at the sheer design and concept of the Green Greeting Cards.

This wonder app contains following FEATURES:

** Your emotions-our words or Your emotions-your words
** Collection of Occasion Wishes- that is simply spellbinding.
** Devouring background which is awe-inspiring. You can easily create your own Photo Greeting Card from your own photo gallery.
** Shake & get the next quote.
** Zoom, pinch and Flip photo functionality added.
** Capability to add gift icon in your photo greeting cards.
** Save and Send functions.
** Plenty Card templates which can be used FOREVER (Go GREEN, Save $$$)

Please use this iPhone Photo Greeting Card Apps and help in saving OUR EARTH.
Thanks for your help.

"Let's Bring SMILE, Each Day, Every Day"